Handbook of Moral Theology
By Dominic Prümmer, 1956 edition
Reprinted and remastered by Benedictus Books
Tradivox Catholic Catechism Index
20 Vol. Set
By Tradivox, Inc.
Published through Sophia Press
Mementoes of the English Martyrs
By Henry Bowden, 1910 edition
Reprinted and remastered by Benedictus Books
Monthly copyeditor of the variable
parts of the
Benedictus Traditional Catholic Companion
Latin Mass missalette
Published by Benedictus
Stations of the Cross
By Herbert Thurston, 1914 edition
Reprinted by Romanitas Press


Dies Irae: The Sequence of the Mass for the Dead
By Nicholaus Gihr, 1927
Reprinted by Benedictus Books
The Mystery of Christmas
By Ricciotti and Prat, 1956
Reprinted by Romanitas Press


Currently working on Volume XX - which will be a comprehensive and systematic index of the Traditional Catholic Catechisms of Tradivox CCI
Credo: Compendium of the Catholic Faith
By Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Published by Sophia Press

What is editing?
Editing comprises some or all of the following crucial stages that takes place between pen and press: acquisition and/or transcription of the work to be published; verifying the transcription’s accuracy to the original manuscript; giving structural, storyline, and overarching critique of the work as a whole; correcting errors or inconsistencies in style, usage, tone, voice, spelling, and punctuation; application of an author’s or publisher’s style guide throughout; verification of facts, quotes, and citations.

What is proofreading?
Proofreading takes place immediately prior to the printing process - this is the last opportunity to catch and correct any mistakes that were not seen in the copyediting stage. A proofreader will read over a document word for word, line by line, ensuring no grammatical or style mistakes are present.

What is indexing?
Indexing is a unique skill that requires both attention to detail and a fair knowledge of the subject matter - as well as a little patience. Once the book has been laid out and all editorial changes have been made, the indexer’s task is to identify and organize all the most relevant instances within the manuscript of the technical vocabulary, specific to the work itself. His goal is to create an organized “map,” as it were, at the back of the book for the reader to use when wanting to navigate to a specific topic within the work. This “map” is the index.
Saint Joseph Editing’s specialty
We specialize in reviving old, Traditional Catholic works. Our expertise includes the full range of the editing process, even creating the photocopy (if not yet extant) of the original manuscript needed for the OCR or (if necessary) the manual transcription process. In other words, if you can acquire the book - whether in physical or digital form - that you would like to be reprinted, we can supply all the editorial work needed to have that book ready to be newly typesetted and laid out. Is your work already at that point? Then let us index and proofread the work for you.

Why Saint Joseph?
He is the model of all workers - and this worker desires to emulate him (in his home and in his profession). Furthermore, carpentry and editing, while quite different in appearances, have rather many skills in common: attention to detail; ability to retain a given work’s integrity, while at the same time strengthening weak points and polishing up its surface; and appreciation for another’s hard work. Through the powerful intercession of that “just man,” Saint Joseph, may the work undertaken by his editing company be blessed and fruitful - for the glory of God and the sanctification of souls.
Saint Joseph, pray for us.
Ite ad Joseph.